I received my training as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.

imagesDuring my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. My teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine; Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University; Geneen Roth, bestselling author and expert on emotional eating; and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.

IMG_2397In November 2015, I graduated with my 200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor certification from Yoga H’om.

I graduated Cum Lade from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems. Post college I worked for one of the largest consulting companies, traveling around the US helping clients transform their processes to be electronic and more efficient.

Why the heck is that relevant to health coaching? Well, during my tenure there I worked face to face with clients, listening to their problems and translating their requirements into real life solutions that would help their business. It wasn’t always what they ASKED for, but it was always what they NEEDED. I believe this is a skill that is crucial for a health coach to demonstrate.

Along with my education, I am also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I have been trained and equipped with knowledge that can help bring holistic choices into your life. Nature holds some of the most powerful resources that we as patients don’t always tap into.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, design skills and preventive health. Drawing on these skills, and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


Speaking up on the MedX stage September 2014 with @meredithhurston

In addition to health coaching,  I’ve formed partnerships with local Pittsburgh businesses to bring health and wellness classes to the area (check out local news coverage on one of the classes here!) and teach yoga classes at Cool Springs.

I am a National Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Foundation Ambassador and Mentor, a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, am on the Pittsburgh Arthritis Foundation Advocacy and Mission Committee, I write for and am a Health Guide and Social Ambassador for HealthCentral.

In 2014, I was selected to participate as an ePatient Scholar for Stanford University’s Medicine X conference in Palo Alto, California. In 2016, I presented an ignite talk and gave an oral presentation during the annual MedX conference (learn more and watch a replay here).

Stem Cell testimony in front of the FDA at the NIH.

Whether it’s meeting with a Senator or government official, giving a testimony at an FDA hearing at the NIH, speaking at a conference like ePharma, HealtheVoices, or Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference, or participating on an advisory board to help the future of ePatient advocacy, I enjoy volunteering my time and efforts to promote patient-centered care.

I work as the Patient Leader Network Director at WEGO Health and wake up every day inspired to help empower the patient voice. We work with Patient Influencers and connect them to the healthcare industry. In order to truly embrace a patient-centered healthcare landscape, patients must be at the heart of every part of a company’s business. We’re working hard to make this happen! Learn more about our WEGO Health Experts platform.

My training is, and always will be, on going. I’m a personal student of the Course In Miracles, yoga, Auryveda and Chinese medicine. I love researching dietary theories and self-help methodologies and am always looking to further myself as an individual. As a very goal oriented and motivated person, I have big plans for my wellness education. As I’m learning I, in turn, am so excited to share my knowledge with you.Along with my formal training, I bring the experience of not only being a professional

IMG_0281Along with my formal training, I bring the experience of not only being a professional patient, but the experience of struggling to manage my health and symptoms. As you can see from my blog’s About Me page, it’s taken me awhile to get to where I am today – AND I still have a lot of road ahead of me on my wellness journey.

Creating wellness in our lives is a 24/ 7/ 365 job. I dabble in many different aspects of health and wellness, but at the core of it all, I see myself as a patient empowerer.

I aim to help and empower patients to live their best lives. I want to make them realize that in order to create wellness, we need to make a commitment to ourselves. I’m dead set on spreading the word that bad days are a part of life! NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO THEM.

Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life!

No matter the diagnosis, no matter the challenge, no matter the point in your life – you still deserve to live your best life.

Don’t accept anything less than the best.

I refuse to accept anything less than the best for my life and my wish is that you do the same.

Want practical tips on accepting nothing less than your best life? Head over to my blog!